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Mutuals: Business, but in your interests

A mutual is a business owned by its customers, its employees, a group of like-minded producers or a combination of these

First offer of Mutuo-inspired capital instrument in Australia

The first offer of Mutual Capital Instruments in Australia has been made, following a Mutuo-involved project to introduce new legislation which created this new type of mutual share

The Co-operatives, Mutuals and Friendly Societies Bill

A new Bill to enhance the operating environment for co-operatives, mutuals and friendly societies has been passed

The All-Party Parliamentary Group for Mutuals

Bringing MPs and Peers together with a wide range of co-operatives and mutual enterprises to facilitate better support for the sector through public policy

Peter Hunt and Mark Willetts Mutuo

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Mutuo promotes all types of co-operative and mutual business through:

  • Public affairs and political advocacy
  • Policy development
  • Management consultancy for mutuals

Mutuo’s international advocacy and research highlights the positive impact of mutual businesses, helping to create the conditions for mutuals to prosper

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Demutualisation and how to stop it

Demutualisation has ripped through many countries' mutual sectors, as people have sought to cash in on many decades, even centuries, of legacy assets that were built up by generations of members. Yet it has not happened everywhere and there are lessons we can learn...

New Bill to enhance operating environment for co-ops and mutuals

Sir Mark Hendrick MP A new Bill will has been introduced in Parliament this week which proposes a way for co-operatives, friendly societies and mutual insurers to grow and develop their businesses while securing their commitment to member ownership and control....

A victory for mutuality as members reject the private equity raid

The decision by LV= members to reject the proposed sale to Bain Capital is a major boost for mutuals everywhere. Members voted to support their customer-focussed business purpose, and reject a transfer to profit-maximising private equity owners. It's a vote of...

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