Comment: Let’s find a way to provide long-term sustainable investment for John Lewis before it’s too late

When Dame Sharon White, Chair of John Lewis and Partners, announced an anticipated loss of £230m last week, she also apologised to the employees – known as partners – for not paying the annual profit-sharing bonus. This will only be the second time in seventy years...

Peter Hunt speaks to the BBC about the future of John Lewis Partnership

Mutuo’s Peter Hunt speaks to BBC News about the possible demutualisation of John Lewis Partnership, and the other options available.

Demutualise John Lewis? It’s a better idea to enable capital and growth for co-ops and mutuals

The news that John Lewis may seek to partly demutualise in order to raise over £1 billion for investment is of course shocking. But it focuses us yet again on the fundamental problem that many co-operatives and mutuals face. Too often they are at a disadvantage to...

Mark Willetts: Mutuals Pursue New Paths to Raising Capital

Speaking at the 2018 AMICE Conference, Mark Willetts talked about how Mutuo has pursued changes to legislation in the United Kingdom and Australia, which facilitate opportunities for mutuals to raise the capital needed for…

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