Public Services: Made Mutual

29 July 2010 | Advocacy, Research and publications

This publication is the first in what will be a series of pamphlets looking at the potential for new mutual organisations providing a range of services to the public.

Our objective is to highlight where high quality mutuals can combine business efficiency with accountability to customers, staff and other stakeholders.

Mutuo is interested in exploring ways that former state and municipal providers can achieve greater public satisfaction in services that have higher degrees of employee, user and wider stakeholder engagement. In particular, can the state achieve greater accountability for the taxpayer in public services by fostering a greater sense of ownership?

It is not easy to establish successful mutuals. New business disciplines and a culture of engagement with stakeholders must be adopted and built into the governance structures of these new mutuals. Government must therefore be clear about the purpose of new mutuals that are spun out of state providers, and the governance structures adopted must reflect this primary purpose.

We hope that through this series, we will assist in sharing experience and expertise that may be adopted in similar projects. Our aim is that established mutuals will be able to share their understanding of member dynamics and mutuality with new entrants to the sector.

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