Policy development

Our policy development work targets politicians and decision makers, asking for concrete action to empower the sector. Our publications bring together the political objectives of co-operatives and mutuals in an accessible and concise manner, geared toward integration with the broader priorities of governments and politicians.

United Kingdom

We periodically publish the UK Mutuals Manifesto. Our work has led to a tangible increase in interest in co-operative and mutual business among politicians of all political parties.


We have a long-term partnership with the Australian Business Council of Co-operatives and Mutuals, and recently co-authored a report detailing why mutuals have performed well during this unparalleled time of uncertainty.

European Union

We produced the first ever European Mutual Insurance Manifesto, which offers new ideas for pan-European policy and institutional actions in support of fair competition.

We worked with The Foundation for European Progressive Studies to publish a report on how European governments could better support co-operatives and mutuals.

Reflecting your objectives

Each of these documents was co-designed with the commissioning body, so that it reflected their strategic objectives, key lobbying priorities and sat easily within their distinct cultural landscape.

Our publications translate the efforts of our partners into a strategic and intellectual programme that can inspire and rally action from decision makers. When we bring together sectoral views in this way, we move towards consensus. This is vital if our proposals are to be seen as worthwhile for governments and regulators to adopt.

Strategic policy development can:

  • Help to build sectoral and business buy-in
  • Develop a policy ‘shopping list’ for Governments
  • Reflect the agreed strategy of the wider co-operative and mutual sector through policy priorities
  • Influence political parties to adopt pro-co-operative and mutual policy programmes

Secondary benefits:

  • Educate and inform key policy makers about co-operatives and mutuals
  • Consolidate background resources promoting co-operatives and mutuals
  • Raise the profile of the sector and businesses within it
  • Build relationships with political parties
  • Work with peak bodies and sectoral organisations to share policy ideas
  • Build a common language among different co-operatives and mutuals

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