Mutuo services

Management consultancy for mutuals

Mutuo helps co-operatives and mutuals to demonstrate their purpose, enabling them to explain their value in their market context.

Mutual capital consultancy

Mutuo has worked in the UK and Australia to amend the capital regime so that external capital can be injected while the core purpose and mutual integrity of businesses is maintained.

Mutual Value Measurement©

Mutual Value Measurement© (MVM) is a new way of measuring the positive impact co-operatives and mutuals have on customers, stakeholders and the wider society to remain ahead of corporate rivals.

Policy development

Our policy development work targets politicians and decision makers, asking for concrete action to empower the sector.

Improving legislation

Mutuo has worked with sector colleagues leading to Acts of Parliament in the UK and Australia. 

    Political strategy and communication

    We help to develop co-operative and mutuals’ corporate strategies and their corresponding government relations activities.

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