The People’s Business: Mutuo/FEPS to hold first meeting in Brussels

7 September 2015 | Advocacy, News


Mutuo has teamed up with FEPS (Foundation for European Progressive Studies) to undertake a new project which will chart the size and scope of the European co-operative and mutual sector and to examine the sector’s progressive foundations.

Throughout the remainder of 2015 we will be holding a series of meetings with leading co-operatives and mutuals, policymakers and sector experts from across the EU in the following locations: Brussels, Berlin, Stockholm, Italy, Barcelona and Sofia.

The first meeting will be held on 23 September in Brussels and will comprise representatives from firms and policy organisations from the UK, Belgium, France, the Netherland and Ireland.Together with FEPS and leading co-operative and mutual businesses we will be working closely with the following organisations throughout this process:

  • Cooperatives Europe
  • ICMIF (International Co-operative and Mutual Insurance Federation
  • The European Association of Cooperative Banks

For more information about the Brussels event or any of the other sessions planned for this year, please contact Mark Willetts at